OLM Shop committed to be a leading classifieds platform in the world.  This is the best online marketplace. It’s a very easy way to post ads with this marketplace. People can buy and sell, or exchange their product by this marketplace.

OLM Shop is a free service oriented portal that aims and objective is to provide facilitating information sharing between advertisers and users. OLM Shop offers to search services that enable users to locate and view classifieds product online, while helping businesses to reach prospects to the user door to door. A user any things can sell and buy by using OLM Shop. Catering to diverse fields ranging from Fashion and Life Style Services to Pets & Pet Care and Tours, Travel & Transport, Electronics facilitating free job advertisement posting for the company. Also any one can be sell their product by Bid. OLM Shop also includes arrangement for regional specific ad allocation and at events happening in those cities.

OLM Shop is committed to protecting your all privacy protections and improving technology that gives you the most capable and protected online product buy and selling experience. OLM Shop tries to be a worldwide leader in new business look benefits on the Internet, giving new and all the more effective courses for organizations and clients to associate online through adjusting the interests of purchasers and sponsors.

How do we work for posting my Ad?

User can post on our site as a guest mode. If user create an account on this site and post their ad, they can get facility like edit, delete and update post from user's unique account. On enlistment you will get a unique user name that will give you full access to the site. What's more we may approach you for individual data at different circumstances, including when you put advertisements or utilize different highlights of the OLM Shop. Be that as it may we are focused on defend your protection online consistently. On successfully registration user will receive a unique user name that will give user’s complete access to the site

For Advertisers Who post ad on OLM Shop:

To post an advertisement, you should be a registered user. Also you can post as a guest mode. Enrollment on OLM Shop is completely FREE of cost. Please never provide any cost for posting ad. Because OLM shop provide only free service to the customer.